2016, November 8 – President of the United States


ALL votes from Columbiana County.
Precincts added in order of number of votes.

Voters: 44,108   Precincts (polling places): 89   Average voters per precinct: 496   Votes in median precinct: 381
Voting Machine:

deltaM = 4%
deltaMxV = 1,782
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Vote type: All

Note: X/Y graph display only works for all votes, sorted by precinct size (number of votes)

These graphs show each candidate's CUMULATIVE percent of the vote for all points to the left of and including each precinct. As you move to the right, the results from more and more precincts are included. If you choose "ALL" votes, the points at the far right of the graph represent the outcome of the election.

In order to get a sense of what might be expected if there is no strong correlation between precinct size and political leaning, select "Count votes: In random order". Each time you redraw the graph you will see cumulative totals for randomly sorted precincts.

Detailed Data

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Donald J. Trump (R): Percent of votes: 71.81%, Total votes: 31676 out of 44108

Hillary Clinton (D): Percent of votes: 28.19%, Total votes: 12432 out of 44108